Crazy Bulk: What is it?

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Crazy Bulk is a range of nutritional supplements with all-natural ingredients, which can be used as a supplement for those seeking to increase muscle size through exercise and a proper diet.

They are called natural steroids or legal steroids, because they have plant extracts as components, but are similar to the illegal anabolic steroids widely used by athletes worldwide in past decades to achieve more evident changes, with the least amount of effort.

Crazy Bulk is not just one product, but a complete line of supplements with diverse functions, all aimed at sculpting a body that looks worked on and well accomplished. The supplements are divided (although each can be included in several groups at once, due to their multiple functions) into groups of products that help in each stage or aspect of muscle development, which are

Crazy Bulk has the widest and most complete range of products aimed at supplementing in a completely natural way athletes, bodybuilders, and any individual who wishes to gain muscle mass and optimize their performance in the gym.

Crazy Bulk has a line of various products for each of the areas that should be included in the process of exercising for better results that are reflected in an incredible body: increased muscle size, greater definition through fat burning and increased endurance and physical energy.

Here are some of the best Crazy Bulk supplements for each of the necessary stages.

Products for the increase of muscle mass:

  • D-Bal: D-Bal is definitely Crazy Bulk’s flagship product, and that’s because it’s the natural analogue of one of the most famous steroids, Dianabol (its hormone is Methandrostenolone). This supplement is ideal for the phase of increasing muscle size, because it has a mechanism of action that focuses on retaining more nitric oxide in the muscles with the consequent synthesis, multiplication and cellular repair in an exponential way. It is also very useful in achieving greater energy and muscle strength.
  • Trenorol: mimicking the steroid Trenbolone, Trenorol is included in the phase of muscle growth because through enhancing the conservation and retention of nitric oxide in the muscles, increases protein production, rapid replication and cellular repair needed for greater volume, strength and power. It has a second equally important function, as it optimizes the vascularization of the muscle through increased synthesis of red blood cells, which also improves the demand of the tissues to exercise with renewed oxygenation.
  • HGH-X2: with an action similar to somatotropin, HGH-X2 and its balanced combination of amino acids, stimulates the production of human growth hormone, achieving a greater production of proteins with maximum use of existing fat, which translates into gain of lean muscle mass and impeccable definition of a toned and muscular body.
  • Anadrole: as a natural analogue of Anadrol (with the white hormone, oximethalone), its effects are given thanks to the improvement in the production and circulation of red blood cells to the muscle, achieving an optimized and effective oxygenation for greater growth, resistance and strength.
  • DecaDuro: A natural counterpart to Deca-Durabolin, DecaDuro is a powerful multifunctional supplement that addresses several of the mechanisms necessary for an effective muscle building phase. It works on the retention of nitric oxide in the muscles for increased growth, protein synthesis, promotion and multiplication of red blood cells by promoting adequate oxygenation on demand, and the production of collagen (a protein necessary for the strength and endurance of connective tissues such as tendons and ligaments).
  • The products to lose fat:
    Clenbutrol: the legal, natural and safe alternative to clenbuterol has a marked effect on muscle definition by promoting thermogenesis, or raising body temperature to enhance fat burning during exercise. Additionally, it greatly aids in oxygenation of tissues for greater physical performance during those long training sessions.
  • Anvarol: a natural version of Anavar (Oxymetholone) that significantly aids in fat loss and increases the synthesis of a molecule called phosphocreatine, vital in the production of muscle fuel such as adenosine triphosphate (ATP). This translates into a clear increase in energy and endurance needed to achieve formidable effects after each training session.
  • Winsol: The counterpart to the traditional anabolic steroid Winstrol emulates the effects of the steroid Stanozolol on the body. Winstrol achieves significant reduction of fat accumulated in those unwanted places where you want more definition and muscle toning without that uncomfortable pad of fat tissue hiding it.

Active products on strength

  • Testomax: Testomax (Sustanon, the traditional name), is a booster of the male hormone Testosterone, which is responsible for the strength, virility and endurance of the male gender. Its effect is due to the promotion of luteinizing hormone (testosterone precursor) thanks to the plant extract Tribulus terrestris. This hormonal stimulus translates into greater power and physical performance in each workout.
  • NO2 Max: The NO2 max fulfills its function through the increase in the presence of nitric oxide in the muscles, which improves oxygenation and circulation in them. This produces a greater resistance and push when performing any physical activity, as well as a faster muscle recovery for more intense training sessions without fatigue or tiredness. The NO2 Max can be used to complement any other supplement in the Crazy Bulk range.